Components that Makes up a Home Theatres System

The biggest item, but not necessarily the most important, is a large screen display, either a plasma, LCD, or projection TV. A 5-channel stereo surround sound system,
Satellite speakers, and a DVD player completes a surround sound home theatre system.

Layout of Speakers and Wiring the components

A successful system involves proper placement and installations of speakers, usually up to six speakers for surround sound. Wiring the components correctly is the key to getting the amazing surround sounds like you hear in theatres. Not to mention that improper wiring can ruin your components!

Let Us Set Up Your Systems

You may ask why you need a professional to install a home theatre system? Can you save a lot of money by doing it yourself?

Our answer to you is simple. We guarantee our installation for one year. And all components are warranty by it's manufacture and we will remove and replace it at no charge to you with that one year warranty. It's that simple. Our custom installation is professional and priced very competitively.

Is it worth spending that little extra and save yourself the headaches of trying to figure out what goes where? Our many satisfied customers think so. We'll even give you a lesson on how to use your home threatre system. All you have to do is make popcorn and enjoy!

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