Enjoy a clean and healthy living environment with a central vacuum cleaning system. At Advantage Security, we install only the best and state-of-the art equipment. We help you choose the most convenient and efficient vacuum system for your home. A central vacuum system:

Removes ALL dirt and dust from carpets, floors, drapes and furniture.
Removes fleas and dust mites.

Removes pollen, pet dander and other allergans, removing up to 61% of allergans according to a study at U.C. Davis.

Uses up to five times more power than conventional vacuums.

Is easy to use with versatile accessories and attachments that allow you to clean any surface.

Operates quietly because the central motor is located outside, usually in the garage.

Saves you money on carpets, draperies and furniture by keeping them cleaner..

Increases the value of your home.

Is covered by our money-back gurarantee and manufacturer’s warranty.

Lifetime limited warranty

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