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Nowadays you can’t afford to be without easy access to a computer and the Internet. You can rely on the trained technicians at Advantage Security to make sure your are wired up and ready to go. Our computer network cabling services include:

Working with you to meet your specific needs and to upgrade when necessary.

Installing a central server to accommodate your Internet connection, whether modem, cable, DSL or satellite.

Networking all the computers in your home.

Installing a wireless router if you prefer.

Support when and if you need it.

Guarantee if you are not satisfied.

With computer network cabling from Advantage, you will be able to:

Access the Internet from any room in the house.

Use your computer and the Internet without waiting for other family members to finish; everyone can go online anytime.

Hook into TVs, DVDs, video players, or radios from your computer.

Turn a TV into a video cam so you can keep an eye on a baby sleeping in another room.

Design your living space exactly as you want without being constrained by the placement of cable outlets and cords.

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