Advantage installs the Lutron Radio RA Home Dimming System to give your home just the right amount of light where and when you need it. With lighting control, you can:

Choose the right light for each area of your home with one convenient touch: bright for a kitchen or garage, medium for an office or livingroom, soft for a bedroom or diningroom or patio, extra soft for night lighting in bathrooms and children’s rooms.

Make lighting dimmer or brighter as your needs change

Quickly turn on lighting for hallways and stairways

Light up an outside path or doorway so you can walk safely

Turn your lights on or off from anywhere, including your car.

Turn off all your lights from one convenient location, such as a bedside control.

Turn on several strategic lights throughout your home from one convenient location, such as your bedside or front entrance.

Advanced control and automation system

Advanced control and automation systems


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