Experience the Excitement of Home Theater

Enjoy all the exciting sights and sounds of a big movie theatre—or a sporting event—in the comfort of your own home. No more cold and rubbery $6 hot dogs, $5 tiny bags of popcorn, or $4 candy bars. An Advantage home theater system will soon pay for itself. You’ll enjoy:

A wide variety of flush and wall mount screens

Superior sound reproduction systems from reliable manufacturers

High quality flush mount speakers and volume controls for superior sound reproduction

Audio accessories

Gaming systems, such as Nintendo

Home components for music, AV receivers, flat screens, DVDs

A warranty of up to a year on certain components

Free replacement of any component while the manufacturer’s warranty is valid

Expert installation or replacement, saving you from having to take down or put up wall-mounted components.

Advantage uses only the latest, most advanced equipment for its home theater installations. Compare our prices with any of the big retailers. As for our service and warranty, there is no comparison. You can’t beat the professional and yet personal service Advantage offers.

Advanced control and automation system

Advanced control and automation systems

Audio accessories

Home Speakers

Home Components for Music, AV Receivers, Flat Screens Display, DVDs


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