Access Control

Another important facet a security system is access control — controlling who has access to your home or business. Advantage helps you plan the most convenient and effective access control system so that it works effortlessly and efficiently for your home or business. We then install the latest high-tech equipment, including:

The best software program to run your system, allow access, keep records.

Door controllers to limit access to authorized visitors or employeees.

Readers and keypads, including Kantech’s innovate ioProx series with eXtended Secure Format.

Accessories, including exit detectors, magnetic locking devices and electronic keys.

Today, more and more businesses rely on Advantage access control systems to:

Limit access to certain high-security areas

Limit access after hours

Keep track of who enters and leaves and when

Print out reports of access activity

Make authorized access easier with electronic keys

Prevent access by former employees by disabling their electronic keys.


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